B3 Opportunity

There are 3 unique and separate opportunities to refer and earn with B3 Sciences.

Affiliate Brand Partner
- Great for Health Pros, Athletic Pros, and Influencers
- No cost with B3 Bands purchase
- 1 level commission


- For people that want a full service B3 opportunity
- $49.99 / year
- Wholesale discount on future orders
- Training + B3 Share Mobile App
- 6 Ways to earn commissions on 8 levels

- For people that are serious about a B3 business
- $1299.99 Founder Pack of products, then $49.99/year
- Wholesale discount on future orders
- BFR 6-hour certification course
- Training + B3 Share Mobile App
- 6 Ways to earn commissions on 8 levels
- Special access to B3 Founder sales pool
- Personal assistance from B3 President, Dr Mike

Amber Rehab Floaters
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6 Exciting Commissions & Bonuses

B3 Members can earn income 6 different ways:

  • Promotions
  • Customer sale bonuses
  • 8 Generation first order bonus
  • 3 x 8 tree commissions up to 8 levels
  • Cash rank bonus up to $2,000,000
  • Leader bonus pool

Download the B3 Compensation Plan for full details

B3 Founder Exclusive Membership

B3 is offering an exclusive Membership in B3 Founders Club to a select group of business minded people.

BFR is growing fast and every city in the USA will need Founders to launch BFR.

In addition to generous commissions and bonuses in the B3 Compensation Plan Founders can share in a Founders Sales Pool which equals 2% of monthly Company Sales

Plus B3 Founders receive additional benefits exclusive to the Founders Club :

•Access to the B3 Compensation Plan
•Exclusive access to a 2% (All sales) Founders Sales Pool
•Personal Mentoring from President Dr. Mike
•Lifetime Title of B3 Founder
•Special Recognition at Corporate Events

We Need B3 Founders In Your Area

B3 Bands are growing fast across the USA!

Athletes, Doctors, Trainers, PTs, ATCs, busy Moms and Dads, and people who like to exercise are all starting to hear about BFR. They need a B3 Founder in their area to assist them.

This presents a unique opportunity for people who love the Health & Fitness world, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. With our B3 Founder program you will receive all the technology, coaching and mentoring you need to launch a success and rewarding B3 Business.